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Planning & Development Strategies

Any land development needs a clearly articulated strategy. Our planning consultants help you plan to precision your planning strategy

Successful land developments need an efficient planning strategy


Our Planning & Development Strategies Services

Development Strategy

At Marrons, we have unbeatable experience in consulting on development strategies and helping both individuals and businesses with any legal considerations.

We help you articulate a development strategy to navigate any risks, set out a clear and realistic timeframe and provide expert knowledge on opportunities and considerations.

Graphical Information Systems (GIS)

Through the use of Graphical Information Systems (GIS), our team offers map production that for details spatial justification for development proposals. These visual tools can help the impacts of a development be more easily understood.

Merging together GIS real world data and built environment data, we offer a powerful tool to answer critical questions around your development strategy, and help planners and developers come up with creative solutions.

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Spatial Analytics

Our geospatial analysis and spatial analytics allow us to extract precise geographical location information on particular areas to navigate potential risks and areas of interest.

Spatial analysis can be used in all sorts of scenarios – complimenting your GIS data, we can help you make better predictions about human behaviour and help you identify when and where it is needed to best effect in your planning development.

Community Engagement & Planning

For larger developments or ones that impact your local area, it is essential to have a strategy for engaging the local community at the outset.

We offer support and advice when engaging your local community in planning related matters and development opportunities. Our planning consultants can support you on a wide range of services, from public enquiries through to neighbourhood planning and planning appeals.

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Planning Enforcement

Planning enforcement is the process of investigating and taking action against unauthorised development. This is where we come in. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of the planning enforcement process, including the preparation of proof of evidence.

We have the ability to confidentially deliver expert evidence in court,and can advise and guide you through every step of the process.

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Strategic Land Promotion

Undertaking detailed assessments of council and local authority land supply is a crucial part of the planning permission puzzle. We can help support your land promotion efforts.

As part of your strategic land promotion, we will help you with identifying suitable land, obtaining appropriate planning permission, and selling the site to the most appropriate buyer. Marrons is a respected promoter and has worked successfully over a long period of time with the housebuilding community

Housing Need & Five Year Land Supply

By law councils are required to have a five year housing supply. If this does not exist it opens up land outside of development boundaries for housing. As experts in land supply and development, our economic development team can showcase the housing need of an area and what the five year land supply will look like to support your planning application.

We can help secure planning success by assessing suitable sites outside of the development boundaries and also assess whether councils do indeed have a five year supply to comply with the law. Our economic development team have experience of working with individual local authorities, planning teams and authority consortiums and can help you by assisting developers and councils stay abreast of the formulas used to assess housing need. Reports can be delivered assessing housing need at local and regional levels to support feasibility studies and development plans.

Local Plan Representations

If you own land or buildings suitable for development, it’s important to engage with your council’s local plan sooner rather than later. At Marrons, we can support you in local plan representations. We can help to present an opportunity for landowners to get involved in the process and provide the council with persuasive documentation to help support your case.

We will guide you through the Local Plan process, review draft policies and their implications for your land and help you engage with the council to formulate a planning strategy that seizes local opportunities. We are able to assess demographic, economic and market information in conjunction with local authority policy documents. For local plan representation from a market leading team, get in touch with a member of the team today.


Our Planning & Development Strategies Team

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