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Unveiling Weldon in the Forest: Marrons' Vision for a Sustainable Urban Oasis in Corby's Expansion

Planning | Nottinghamshire | Ainscough Strategic Land

Marrons are advising Aincough Strategic Land on a potential large-scale urban extension to Corby on land to the east and south of Weldon. The proposed development, known as Weldon in the Forest, will provide a unique opportunity for the delivery of a highly sustainable development comprising a range of market and affordable housing; a much-needed secondary school (already delivered); local and neighbourhood centres including retail uses; further social infrastructure; landscaping; and significant ecological benefits.

The team at Marrons are working collaboratively to provide planning and design expertise to assist the client in maximising the potential of the site at Weldon. Our work to-date includes advising on the planning promotion strategy and producing a high level master plan together with a more detailed vision document.

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