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Land & Due Diligence

Our land services specialists offer expertise you can trust to lead, protect and enhance your land opportunities

Working in combination with our town planners and legal experts at Shakespeare Martineau, we have you covered for any eventuality

Our Land & Due Diligence Services

Site Finding with a Report

Discover the potential of land for housing or commercial development with our comprehensive land opportunity identification and evaluation service. We specialise in uncovering immediate, medium-term, and long-term land opportunities in local authority areas. Our expert team takes into account all planning and site-specific information to provide a detailed report and strategic advice for your next steps.

Values Map

Empower your development decisions with our innovative mapping service. We provide detailed maps displaying the average sales price in specific settlements or local authority areas. Our service allows clients to effortlessly compare property values across different locations. Make informed, data-driven decisions with our comprehensive real estate mapping solution.

Competing Sites Map

Revolutionise your planning appraisals and development strategies with our cutting-edge mapping service. We provide maps that display known competing sites, often controlled by developers and land promoters, within a given area. This invaluable tool allows clients to easily visualise the location and proximity of these sites, revealing potential opportunities and challenges. Make strategic, informed decisions in residential and commercial development with our comprehensive mapping solution.

Commercial Market Summary

Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive commercial space report. We provide an in-depth overview of the demand and supply of commercial space in your area. Our report includes crucial information such as the take-up of warehouse space and any shortfall in supply. This data-driven insight can significantly inform your acquisition process and planning strategy. Partner with us to navigate the commercial real estate market with confidence.


Our Land & Due Diligence Team

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