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Community Engagement

Our experts offer support and advice when engaging with your local community in planning related matters and development opportunities.

Our team have unparalleled expertise in securing community engagement for a wide number of planning projects, and obtaining buy-in from the people that matter most


Our Community Engagement Services

Public Enquiries

If your planning and development project falls under public inquiry, we can support you to present your case. Public inquiries usually take place when a planning decision is being appealed. We can help you understand the entire planning process, estimate the likely planning application fees, as well as manage the communication with the council too.

We can represent our clients as advocates or undertake the role of expert witness to give evidence and or / cross examine and undertake all relevant preparation for enquiries on behalf of the client that can take place over one day but can stretch to several weeks.

Supporting your community presentations & statements

We help businesses and individuals to prepare statements, applications and make presentations to planning committees that give you the best opportunity of securing a winning result. We can provide you with a strategy, documentation and timeframe for your planning application, presentations to the council and other stakeholders as well as a supportive partner throughout the process.

Planning Appeals

Should a planning application be refused by the Council, an appeal can be made against their decision. Our planning consultants have experience in the preparation of Appeal Statements of Case and Cost Applications, for a wide range of developments. As part of Ampa, the Marrons team is able to work alongside and call upon specialist legal planning lawyers at Shakespeare Martineau to to provide you with full support on your appeal.

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Neighbourhood Planning Consultant

Our planning consultants can support plans within a community and help you develop a Neighbourhood Plan to harness the power of the collective. When preparing a neighbourhood plan, complying with the relevant regulations and requirements, including considerations from the Local Plan, is crucial. At Marrons we can guide you and your community smoothly through the process.

We work with the community to protect your interests and set planning policies that are used to determine planning applications, subject to undertaking various stages of consultation and examination. We can help with shaping development and growth plans, consulting and examining planning applications and setting planning policies. From explaining the process, making amendments and preparing neighbourhood plan consultation statements to applying policy and making opportunities for landowners and developers, we can help you to achieve your goals.


Our Community Engagement Team

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