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Strategic Urban Design

From urban extension and large-scale regeneration schemes to bespoke residential sites, we provide a clear vision for the development of your land

We are proud to offer full service urban design & design strategy services to our clients across the UK


Our Strategic Urban Design Services

Urban Design & Master Planning

Over recent years urban design has become an important part of the planning decision-making process. Site evaluations and appraisals combined with appropriate masterplans and design and access statements are now required to accompany most planning applications for development. Regardless of the scale of a scheme, our urban design team is experienced in delivering high-quality

design solutions that are tailored to a clients’ specific requirements. Our experience in the industry means that we approach urban design from the perspectives of design quality, commercial viability and technical compliance. Our teams come together to create a co-ordinated response with the objective to maximise development opportunities. We have in-depth experience of brownfield and greenfield sites and our clients get masterplans that both look great and are achievable.

Design & Access Statements

Design and access statements are an integral part of most planning applications, they need to explain the design principles and concepts that have been applied to the development. It must also demonstrate how the proposed development’s context has influenced the design. We will work with you to produce statements that demonstrate how a development can be an inclusive, practical and attractive place once it is built.

A well crafted design and access statement can assist local authority planners and councillors and anyone else considering a planning application decide if the proposal is good enough to approve. Our team works closely with planners to demonstrate how relevant Local Plan policies have been taken into account for each development.

Design Visualisation

We are able to provide our clients with quality designs that are underpinned by a deep understanding of commercial complexities, local authority requirements and planning strategy – the perfect combination.

Feasibility Studies

Our design team is experienced in the undertaking and production of complex and in-depth feasibility studies– providing an objective review of available options for development and how to get the most out of their land The team works closely with colleagues in our socio economic experts, taking into account the financial, social, and environmental aspects and impacts of the proposed development.

Concept Design Strategies

The concept design will examine the critical architectural and spatial constraints and from that the team is able to formulate a very preliminary design and layout for further discussion. We will work closely with you to understand your objectives. We can then support you to draw together your initial concept design.

Character Assessments

Good design means that a development that stems from having an understanding of a development’s setting and the character of the local area. A character assessment is a report that describes the distinct appearance and feel of a settlement or an area. It is an opportunity to document and describe the existing character of the areas surrounding the proposed development. Our urban design team will work closely with you and take the time to identify the broad character areas that exist locally, explore sources of information from planning authorities and government bodies and complete a character assessment report, an in depth look at a particular area ensuring we study every element and detail that could impact on your proposed plan.


Our Strategic Urban Design Team

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