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Dan Usher

Economics Director


  • Housing Need
  • Infrastructure & Regeneration
  • Projects
  • Socio-economic Assessments
  • Town Planning

Dan is an Economic Director in Marrons socio-economics team, helping clients to get the maximum value out of their proposed developments through the preparation of bespoke evidence. A chartered member of the Royal Town Planning Institute with over 20 years experience in the town planning profession, Dan has a wealth of experience including six years in local government, a year in Dubai, and over 13 years and counting in private consultancy.

For the past 13 years Dan has worked in a socio-economics setting, including a decade helping to grow a new socio-economics function at one of the largest planning consultancies in the country, before making the move to Marrons to help build a brand new team as part of Marrons exciting growth aspirations.

Dan prepares evidence for a variety of stakeholders at different stages of the planning process, with a specialism in housing need of all types. This evidence includes the use of demographic modelling software, preparing older persons housing need evidence, affordable housing evidence, analysis of housing mix, and socio-economic statements.

Dan also prepares thought pieces on a variety of subjects which affect town planning and particularly housing need. Following a recent thought piece concerning out-migration from London and London’s unmet housing need, Dan was invited into the Palace of Westminster to present his findings to the South East Council’s AGM.

Beyond work, Dan is a keen runner, enjoys going on adventures with his two young children, and enduring the ups and downs of a football fan as a season ticket holder at Brighton & Hove Albion FC.

I enjoy preparing socio-economic evidence because I feel it is very powerful in supporting development proposals and can also reveal the advantages of development which will benefit the local population and have real social value. I also enjoy meeting the wide range of clients who instruct our work, and the varying types of projects which our evidence can add value to.

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