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Our Environment

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and have made an ambitious target of becoming net zero by 2030, by reducing all emission sources which we have direct control over and developing specific initiatives to support the areas that we can’t control but can influence.

Our commitment

More than 90% of our hubs use renewable electricity and we are committed to switching all offices to renewable suppliers at the soonest opportunity. Since 2019 we have reduced our paper usage by over 70% and last year introduced a lower weight paper which will further cut paper material used by 20%, while our waste to landfill is down 64% compared to the same time period.


What we've achieved so far

Established our Net Zero action plan to achieve net zero by 2030 (within areas we can influence)

90% of our office hubs use renewable energy

99% of our stationery is from sustainable sources

We offset all our carbon emissions (from 2019)through tree-planting in the UK, re-forestation projects in Indonesia and providing access to water projects in Ethiopia


And there's more planned...

Measure emissions used via our people’s commuting, business travel and home energy usage.

Develop a Net Zero engagement survey to share with our suppliers.

As we refit our offices we continue the goal of over 80% of our furnishings being recycled or repurposed products.

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Our 2023 Impact Report

Ampa has published its first impact report, recording the wider group’s achievements and progress to date, since the relaunch of its responsible business programme last year. Making more than 30 pledges to its people, planet and local communities, the group has seen significant improvements in its commitment to increasing diversity at a senior level, reducing its carbon footprint and offering career development opportunities to under-represented groups.

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