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David Pendle



  • Public Sector Advice
  • Residential Development
  • Strategic land promotion

David works with landowners, developers and consultancies to deliver a range of development projects and specialises in land promotion and strategic developments.

David is a creative and dynamic planner who provides leadership to multi-disciplinary projects including residential and commercial schemes. David is motivated by challenge and is determined to succeed. He is a strategic thinker and has an ability to identify project options and understand risk which he uses to work closely with clients to achieve their outcomes.

A public sector career of over 20 years took David to chief officer grade. His successes include adopted development plans and the delivery of strategic developments; projects which benefitted from his focus and town planning capabilities.

Understanding a client’s goals is essential for maintaining focus and recognising what is possible. I believe in getting it right the first time – on time and there being no surprises.

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