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Brixie Payne

Heritage Planner


  • Conservation areas
  • Heritage Planning Advice
  • Listed Buildings

Brixie joined the team as part of the Locus merger in 2022.

With a background in history and heritage, having studied at both Durham University and the University of Leicester’s School of Museum Studies, she is interested in the way in which heritage shapes constructions of place and identity. Having experience of working at both heritage sites and museums, she is particularly passionate about heritage strategy and the importance of the role of conservation in sustainable development.
Brixie is an expert in archival research, policy reviews and site analysis. Her work informs Baseline Heritage Assessments, Heritage Impact Assessments, Statements of Significance and other documentation to support applications for Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent. She has experience of working in partnership with both private and public clients on development projects of all scales, as well as national research and educational projects.
One of Brixie’s core skills is assessing the nature, level and extent of the significance of heritage assets and understanding how development can sustainably shape the future of the historic environment. As well as evaluating the significance of individual heritage assets, she is skilled at characterisation, analysing and articulating broad patterns of how places have been shaped over time.

I am committed to promoting the historic environment’s role in sustainable place-shaping and capitalising on the social, economic and environmental value that heritage can bring to communities.