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Vibrant Places - How are leaders driving change?

Networking Event | Building Communities

About This Networking Event

18 June 2024 | 18:00 - 20:00

It takes years of planning and research to create a vibrant community – more than just a place, it’s a thriving ecosystem that embraces diversity, enables work and education opportunities, and supports the needs of its people.

At this event jointly hosted by Ampa and Anthropy, we will bring together influential leaders to champion the creation of vibrant places and communities that will shape the future of Britain.  As leaders, it’s imperative to question whether we are taking the necessary steps to drive positive change, exerting pressure on both central and local governments, businesses and individuals to enable the development of vibrant communities.

We will discuss the opportunities and the challenges, and explore how collectively we can influence meaningful change.  We’ll also share insights from our brand new Vibrant Places report where we have captured the views of experts from across multiple sectors and surveyed over 1200 people across the UK, defining the essence of vibrant places.

Key Topics Covered

How can leaders influence change?

Opportunities and challenges of developing vibrant places

Insights from our Vibrant Places report

Who Should Attend

C-suite and senior executives, directors and business leaders

Our Speakers