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Strategic land promotion in the East Midlands

Conference | Strategic Land

About This Conference

Wednesday 4 October 2023 | 08:30 - 11:00

Strategic land promotion requires an understanding of the various plan-making authorities’ objectives or, to put it another way, the size of the problem that the plan-making authorities are wrestling with.

If we can understand the housing and employment requirements being placed on a particular plan-making geography; the local political landscape; and the various environmental and infrastructure constraints, then we can begin to make informed predictions on likely growth areas.  Or, as the private sector, we can influence where growth occurs by making coherent and credible arguments to the right people.

In this seminar, we will be joined by our experts from across the Marrons team including Andrew Gore and David Pendle (Planning), Adam Partington and Hannah Hamilton-Rutter (Heritage), Dan Usher (Socio-Economics) and Luke Hillson (Urban Design). During this seminar we will update you on both local plan progress and politics across the East Midlands authorities, all aspects of land promotion and the lessons learnt through the planning system as well as a forward  look at potential changes to the planning process.

Location: Cleaver and Wake, The Island Quarter, 1a The Great Northern Close, Nottingham NG2 3JL

Key Topics Covered

An update on local plan progress and local politics in the East Mids authorities

The promotion of land from a planning (including socio-economics), urban design and heritage perspective

Lessons learnt in the promotion of strategic land through the planning system and what we can expect in the world of planning going forward, in the context of likely NPPF changes and local plan reforms

Who Should Attend

This event is predominantly aimed at house-builders, land promoters and land agents

Our Speakers